This is the secure RUBS fundraising campaign.

This fundraising campaign will set the price of GOLD against the RUBS Token.

The higher the collateral is the greater the power the Token will possess.

All Blockchain fees and DAPP fees are added to the pot and shared between users.

For further Development a proportion of DAPP fees are put back in to the project development but the rest is for our users to share.

This Stable Token is different. It is not valued against a FIAT currency. It is solely backed by units of pure GOLD.

No matter the state of the FIAT or CRYPTO markets, 1 RUBS will always equal 1 GRAM of PURE GOLD.

The GOLD is locked in a secure Vault and only on DAO approval will funds allowed to either be used or moved.

A personal request for transfer will override this function which in turn allows you to gain physical access to your GOLD from one of our Global Bullion partners.

Approval by a minimum of 10% of investors is needed before any of the initial investment funds can be used.

Polygon (Matic) Approvers Percentage
10 Matic