Staking Pools

Available Staking Pools to help increase profit from your savings


Interest : Up to 10%

Minimum Amount : 100 RUBS

Maximum Amount : 1m RUBS




Profit : Up to 25% APY

Minimum Amount :  1 MATIC / 100 PRUBS

Maximum Amount :  200k MATIC


Why Choose Crypto? Why Choose RUBS?

RUBS is the new way to Stake Crypto Tokens. Our goal is to create a Multi Token Mechanism where Tokens and Coins can be fairly Staked against each other. Many projects gain expedential growth and revenue through the creation of Digital assets such as Tokens, Coins, NFT’s, Governance Assets and much more. RUBS aims to bridge the gap and allow larger interest rates on your savings than any other savings model on the planet.

The beauty of saving and earning interest on Blockchain is that it is yours and no one elses. These profits are not controlled by a central authority like a bank. They are controlled by you and you alone.


Community INvesting

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We help support new and upcoming projects.


Crypto Consulting

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We offer specialist Crypto advice for our clients.


24/7 Availability

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Check, start, manage and create Stakes 24 hours a day

Easy to use Saving Services

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Create Stakes and manage them easily using our intuitive cutomer interfaces.

Add your Token.

Do you currently own a Token that has no Staking Mechanism? Do you want your Staking campaign handled by experts? Do you want an easy to use interface to control your Staking campaign? Look no further we are here. After some simple quick checks to establish the reliability and prowess of your currency, we will have the mechanism set up in quick time and broadcast to the world.

    • Quick Broadcast time
    • Low set up fees
    • Quick response time for any issues
    • Over 30 supported sidechains and 1000s of supported tokens
    • No recurring fees, 100% of the revenue is your own

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